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Grow With Us: Intern Life at Bishop Fox 


Are you seeking an internship outside the norm? Would you prefer not to fetch coffee and perform menial tasks day after day? Then, consider a pen testing internship at Bishop Fox, where you’ll get the opportunity to work on one-of-a-kind projects that will push your technical skills to the next level. You’ll leave your Bishop Fox internship with real-world experience you can apply almost immediately. 

What it’s like to apply

Our internship process is very selective. We tend to do our hiring in the early autumn. You can apply other times of the year as well, but this is the time frame we are actively looking for interns (so it’s your best chance to get your foot in the door). 

If you’re interested in, say, a marketing or accounting internship, those support staff roles are open throughout the year. More info on that can be found via our Careers page – you can apply directly with our recruiting team via email as well. 


What it’s like to be interviewed

Don’t worry, the interview process is not too intensive. We take pride in our people (our Foxes) so we like to take our time. The intern interview process is threefold. To kick things off, you’ll hop on an introductory call with one of our recruiters. Next, there’s a technical interview with a consultant and a final round with a manager. And throughout our whole process, you’ll have the chance to interview us right back. 

When you get that offer … 

We are committed to ensuring that the internship timeline fits both your school schedule and your professional goals. This is, after all, your internship. At Bishop Fox, we’ll work with you to build an opportunity that best meets your aspirations and talents. 


But Don’t Take Our Word For It. Really. 

Discover what our employees have to say about our culture.


Read what other Foxes have to say about being Foxes


“My Life at Bishop Fox” by Alex Lynch, a Bishop Fox intern

“I’m picky about where I work. I don’t like companies that seem to run an internship program simply because everyone else has one. Bishop Fox proved to me that it’s possible to find an impactful, rewarding, and fun internship outside of the traditional options.”

“My Path to Security,” an ongoing Bishop Fox blog series

All around, Bishop Fox felt so different from the “pen test puppy mills” that are common in our industry. Seeing all the varied backgrounds of the pen testers at Bishop Fox really appealed to me.”

“My Weekend With the Foxes,” by a consultant describing his first few months here

“I have been immersed firsthand in security knowledge since Day One of my job at Bishop Fox, working with some of the most talented individuals in the cybersecurity industry. It is a privilege to work with this team and has ultimately been everything I expected and more.”

Improve Your Skills in the Meantime!


Penetration Testing Resource Guide

We put together this guide together as a one-stop shop for penetration testing materials. If you’re looking to level up, this resource guide will help you do exactly that. It’s full of book suggestions, online tools, and other ways to gauge your abilities.

And For the Last Five Years…


Bishop Fox's awards best company to work for



Meet the Foxes Here to Help You 

At Bishop Fox, we are taking recruiting very seriously.

And as such, we’d like you to meet our recruiting team, who will be working with you throughout the internship hiring process. 


Jared Chlebus Portrait, Senior Recruiter at Bishop Fox  

Jared Chlebus, Senior Technical Recruiter

  • Jared has more than 15 years of IT recruiting experience 
  • Outside of Bishop Fox, he drums a whole bunch
  • Enjoyer of coffee: Black, like his soul.
Caroline Pugh Portrait, Recruiter at Bishop Fox  

Caroline Pugh, Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Caroline is the ambassador to your recruiting process; she helps you in navigating the roles and culture here at Bishop Fox
  • Once won a taco-eating contest in college; now conducts taco-eating contests with herself
  • “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take – Wayne Gretzky – Michael Scott.” – Caroline Pugh
Kaitlin O’Neill, Technical Recruiter portrait  

Kaitlin O’Neill, Technical Recruiter

  • Kaitlin manages our internship program as well as hiring for all support staff roles. She also works on community partnerships – keep an eye out for her at security community events!
  • Lived on a houseboat in Seattle, truly embracing the “Sleepless in Seattle” dream. Also studied the Indonesian language and culture in East Java
  • Confirmed Sci-Fi geek, ardent “Firefly” and “Battlestar Galactica” watcher; avid “Dune,” avid reader